Court finds wireline engineers not subject to white collar exemptions

A federal judge in Colorado recently ruled that a group of wireline engineers are not subject to any white collar exemptions under the FLSA.  A salaried wireline engineer filed suit against MBI Energy Services, Inc. in federal court in Colorado in 2018.  The plaintiff alleged that he and other wireline engineers were denied overtime pay in violation of the FLSA.  In September of 2020, the court certified the case as a collective action, and other class members opted into the case.  The plaintiffs then moved for partial summary judgment on a number of defendant’s affirmative defenses.  The Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff on the executive, administrative and highly compensated exemptions.  The court denied the plaintiffs’ motion on the issues of the Motor Carrier Act exemption and good faith.  

This case is a good reminder that most oilfield workers are not exempt from overtime pay under the FLSA.  If you have worked in the oil and gas industry within the past three years and have been paid a day rate, a salary or otherwise have been denied overtime pay, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!  Speak with an experienced overtime attorney as soon as possible to learn of your possible rights to overtime pay.  

About the author: Josh Borsellino is a Texas attorney that represents oilfield workers on claims for unpaid overtime.  Josh has filed dozens of overtime lawsuits across Texas and in New Mexico and other states for unpaid overtime.  If you have questions about overtime pay, give Josh a call at 817.908.9861 or email him through this link today for a free, no-obligation, confidential consultation.  

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