Former dispatcher/supervisor brings FLSA unpaid overtime lawsuit in Midland, Texas

Cisco Logistics, LLC, an oil and gas company, has been sued in federal court in Midland, Texas by a former worker of Cisco. The lawsuit alleges that as a dispatcher and then as a supervisor, Plaintiff was paid a salary based on hours worked of forty hours per week, without additional compensation for hours worked above forty in violation of the Fair labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). 

Defendant provides transportation services to specialized frac sand to hydraulic fracturing locations in the oil and gas industry. The Court has not yet entered any ruling in favor of, or against, Defendant. The lawsuit seeks to have the case proceed as a collective action, on behalf of similarly situated workers. You may have a claim for unpaid overtime if you are or have worked for Cisco Logistics in the past three years and were:

  1. employed as a manager, supervisor, and/or dispatcher;
  2. paid a salary only for forty hours a week; and
  3. received no overtime pay as a result of the salary.

Josh Borsellino of Borsellino P.C. is a licensed Texas attorney who fights for the rights of oilfield drivers and works to recover their unpaid overtime. In order to particulate fully in the lawsuit, workers must file a consent to join form.  Unless you receive, sign and return the consent form to Borsellino P.C., you are NOT a party to the lawsuit and you are NOT represented by Borsellino P.C. To request a consent form to join the lawsuit or to determine whether you are eligible to join the lawsuit, call Josh Borsellino today at 817.908.9861 or 432.242.7118.

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