Kermit Trucking Accident Attorney

Big rigs are a necessary evil in this world – they haul goods across the country, but they are also dangerous.   Their drivers often fail to comply with their hours-of-service laws and other legal requirements. I know cases involving truck wrecks in and around Kermit  are complex. Truck companies and their insurers will do whatever it takes to avoid responsibility. Because of this, you need attorneys who know how to win and will fight aggressively for you and your legal  rights. I am that attorney.  

I take an aggressive approach to every case I handle. This means I research, investigate, and develop the case as headed to trial. This helps give us a strong position at the negotiating table and allows us to be ready at a moment’s notice to head into court and advocate on behalf of my clients.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident, there’s only one truck accident law firm that you should call – Borsellino, PC. Whether you’ve been injured by an accident involving a dangerous driver or poorly maintained vehicle, I can help. From property damage to catastrophic injury to cases of wrongful death, you can count on me and my firm. I’m backed by years of experience, a winning track record, and a reputation for standing up for clients against big companies.