EOG sued for overtime pay violations

EOG Resources has been sued by two former water consultants for overtime violations in federal court in New Mexico. One plaintiff worked for EOG from 2014 until March of 2020. The other worked for EOG from August of 2012 until December 25, 2021. The plaintiffs worked as water consultants for EOG, working exclusively on various drilling rigs operated by EOG in Texas and New Mexico. Plaintiffs allege that they were misclassified as an independent contractors, despite the fact that they worked full time for EOG, and virtually every aspect of their job was controlled by EOG. The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiffs typically worked between 14-20 hours per day, typically seven days a week, and that they received a day rate regardless of the number of hours they worked in a given day or week, and never received overtime pay. On information and belief, a large number of water consultants have worked for EOG, all of whom are classified as independent contractors and all of whom are paid a day rate and denied overtime pay. 

The lawsuit was filed as a class action, alleging violations of the New Mexico overtime statute. The lawsuit was also filed as a collective action, alleging violations of the federal overtime law, the FLSA. As with any collective action, in order to participate in the lawsuit, the claimant must affirmatively opt-in to the suit by signing a consent form that can be obtained by the plaintiff’s counsel, Josh Borsellino.

If you have been classified as an independent contractor and paid straight time, a day rate or otherwise have been denied overtime pay, consult an experienced overtime attorney as soon as possible to learn of your legal rights.  Josh Borsellino represents workers on claims for overtime pay.  Josh is licensed in Texas and has filed dozens of overtime pay cases across Texas, and in federal court in New Mexico and elsewhere. For a free consultation, call 817.908.9861 or 432.242.7118, email Josh here or complete this online contact form.

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